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Once your credit is damaged by negative items, the road back to financial health can be challenging. At My Credit Specialist - our credit experts will work with you to fix, restore and maintain a healthy credit report.

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We specifically design a custom plan for each and every one of our clients allowing us to successfully help you improve your credit reports.  We will provide you with a free credit evaluation to determine how we can help you and the cost of our services.

Proven Results

Testimonials are by far the most rewarding part of our day-to-day job.  Read what our satisfied clients have to say about My Credit Specialist, our team, our services and most importantly their experience.

How your credit score is calculated

Your credit score is a mathematical formula calculated to weigh your credit risk, how likely you are to default on your payments. It takes into account your payment history, outstanding debts, available credit, length of history on your credit accounts, types of credit and inquiries.


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Learn more about federal consumer laws and how they impact your credit.


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